Bury the Hatchet

Shelby Graber teaches about forgiveness - what it is, what we need to do with it and how we do it. 

In Love With the Greatness of God

Are you still in love with how great our God is? Find out what Pastor Steve has to share about it.

Go Tell It on the Mountain

The message is simple! Pastor Steve teaches that EVERYONE who calls on the Lord will be saved.

Prince of Peace

Pastor Don teaches about the Prince of Peace.

God Provides a Way

Pastor Steve challenges us to remember the unbelievable promises of God; to worship the King, the God that is with us; that Jesus is coming to town! Worthy is the Lamb.

God Redeems Adversity

Pastor Don shares on the 'doing' part of Advent and discipleship.

God Redeems Betrayal

Pastor Don shares from Genesis 37:26-28.

God Uses Who HE Choses

Pastor Steve shares how God moves forward in developing a chosen people.

God's Mercy to a Deceiver

God's mercy on Jacob is amazing.  God has the same mercy today for you and I. 

God Renews His Promise

Anchored in Genesis 26, we see how the covenant first made with Abraham in Genesis 12 is renewed with his son, Issac.  Pastor Don explores with us the difference between heritage and legacy.

"God's Weird Way of Winning"

Jeff Polen shares from Judges 6 about the difference between the way God approaches the situation compared to the way we do.

Finding Healing

With James 5:13-17 as background, Pastor Don shares from the New Testament about role of illness and healing in our Christian walk.

God Make a Promise

Beginning in Genesis 12 , Pastor Steve helps us understand the significance of the Covenant God makes with Abram/Abraham. 

Suffering and God's Presence

Learning from Job we can see how God is present in our suffering and, if allowed by us, can may us stronger and draw us closer to Him.

Sin and God's Authority

In Genesis 11:1-9, the confusing of languages was only part of the story.  God is giving us the option of turning our lives around!

Sin and God's Grace

Shelby Graber explores God's Grace exhibited through the Flood.

Sin and God's Good News

Genesis 3 begins to tell of the difference ways that God is trying to get us back in relationship after we tend to go our own way.

"God's Good People"

In the second week of the Gospel Project, Pastor Steve shares from Genesis 1 about God's Good Creation - PEOPLE!

God's Good World

Beginning "The Gospel Project" together, Pastor Don reflects on Genesis 1 and Colossians 1:15-18.

Investment Checkup

King David invested greatly in a Temple he would never see.  Reflecting on 1 Chronicles 29:1-14; Acts 2:42-47 and Romans 12:7-10, Pastor Don encourages us to do an investment checkup in regards to the Kingdom of God at our local church.