Important Messages

The third in a series on the last week of Jesus' life - Tuesday. By Pastor Don Patterson

A Place for Prayer & Healing

The second of a series on the last week of Jesus' life - Monday. By Pastor Steve Nelson

Entering Jerusalem

Pastor Don brings the first of a sermon series on the last week of Jesus' life. We begin with the Triumphal Entry - Palm Sunday.

Like the Father

Pastor Don Patterson brings the message from Matthew 5:43-48.

Nose Blind Faith

What 'aroma' do we have for sin? Listen as Ken Hershberger challenges us to recognize sin for what it is and not get 'nose blind' to the 'smell'.

Turning the Other Cheek

Pastor Steve brings a message on what it really means to turn the other cheek.

Yes is Yes

Preaching from Matthew 5:33-37, Pastor Don brings a message on speaking truth.

A Plucky Church

John Troyer teaches us how to be "plucky" and encourages us to ask our self 3 questions: Who Am I? Where do I start? and Where am I going

Marriage: As Long as We Both Shall Live

Pastor Steve shares on the covenant of marriage.

Eye Patch Theology

Check out this message from Matthew 5 by Josh Wenger!

It's Murder?

Pastor Don asks the tough questions!

From Head to Heart

Are you a Pharisee or a Believer? Pastor Don challenges us to move our faith from our head to our heart.

Christmas & the Cross

Is it fair that Jesus died for us? Pastor Steve walks us through scripture taking us from Christmas to the Cross.

Author & Perfecter

Who is your "author"? Who writes the story of your life? Message by Pastor Don.

Fixing Our Eyes

Pastor Steve Nelson brings a message for the first Sunday in Advent from Matthew 2:1-12.

Why Be Thankful?

Be thankful that we can take our "whys" to our Father.

John Troyer

John Troyer from Thrive Leadership shares the morning message.

The Race

Pastor Don brings a message on being part of the team.

Run With Perseverance

Perserverance, endurance...allow God to provide what it takes to run the race. A message from Pastor Don.

Set Before Us

Pastor Don continues his series from Hebrews 12:1. What plan has He set before you?