The Soils

From Luke 8:4-8, Pastor Don explores how Jesus uses a simple illustration to challenge us to Spread the Word of God and be mindful of how God's Word is growing in our lives. 

The Debt

Beginning a new series on the parables of Jesus in the Gospel of Luke.  In this message, Pastor Don looks at Luke 7:41-43 and the context where Jesus spoke the parable.

The Family Drive

With some reflections from his sabbatical, Pastor Steve challenges us in preparation  for the New Year.

King of Kings

Pastor Don uses Matthew 1 to illustrate how differently God works that we do and why the Incarnate Christ makes sense.

Promised King

Pastor Steve illustrates from a number of Bible references that Jesus is the Promised King of Bible Prophecy.

Things will Change

Using the texts from Isaiah 61 and 2 Thessalonians, Pastor Don talks about why there will be change when Jesus comes into our lives.

God Is Coming

Due to the recent deaths in and around our congregation, we are reminded that God is Coming in a much different way this season.

Lord, Help Us Understand

The first of our Advent Series which looks at Isaiah 64:1-9 and 1 Corinthians 1:3-9 as we consider just how much we understand of why Jesus came.

A Biblical Worldview

Jon Miiller shares as an apologist about the difference it makes to have a Biblical Worldview.

Fan Or Follower

When it comes down to it, Jesus makes it clear it isn't cool to stay on the sidelines.  Let's follow Jesus!


Why do we try to do life without the Holy Spirit filling us?  Isn't that life driving across the country in a Model T when God wants to journey in style!

Jesus Or Rules

Reflecting on Matthew 23, Pastor Don uses Kyle Idleman's book "Not A Fan" to talk about our relationship with Jesus.

Fearing God: Good or Bad

In Shelby Graber's message, he explores the role that FEAR can play in our relationship with God.

"Know Him?"

With the backdrop of Matthew 7:21-23 and Kyle Idleman's book "Not A Fan", Pastor Don asks how well we Know Jesus.

"Define The Relationship"

Matthew 7:21-23 with reflections on Kyle Idleman's book, Not A Fan, by Pastor Don Patterson


Pastor Don discusses covenant from Mark 14:22-26 in preparation for communion.

Am I at PEACE with My Neighbor?

Starting at 1 John 3:16-24, Pastor Don looks at what it means to be at peace with our neighbor.

"Celebrating Victory"

"Celebrating Victory" from 1 Corinthians 15 by Pastor Steve Nelson as he prepares for Sabbatical.  (9-17-2017)

"True Love" from John 15

Pastor Don illustrates God's True Love from John 15. (9/10/2017)