Fan Or Follower

When it comes down to it, Jesus makes it clear it isn't cool to stay on the sidelines.  Let's follow Jesus!


Why do we try to do life without the Holy Spirit filling us?  Isn't that life driving across the country in a Model T when God wants to journey in style!

Jesus Or Rules

Reflecting on Matthew 23, Pastor Don uses Kyle Idleman's book "Not A Fan" to talk about our relationship with Jesus.

Fearing God: Good or Bad

In Shelby Graber's message, he explores the role that FEAR can play in our relationship with God.

"Know Him?"

With the backdrop of Matthew 7:21-23 and Kyle Idleman's book "Not A Fan", Pastor Don asks how well we Know Jesus.

"Define The Relationship"

Matthew 7:21-23 with reflections on Kyle Idleman's book, Not A Fan, by Pastor Don Patterson


Pastor Don discusses covenant from Mark 14:22-26 in preparation for communion.

Am I at PEACE with My Neighbor?

Starting at 1 John 3:16-24, Pastor Don looks at what it means to be at peace with our neighbor.

"Celebrating Victory"

"Celebrating Victory" from 1 Corinthians 15 by Pastor Steve Nelson as he prepares for Sabbatical.  (9-17-2017)

"True Love" from John 15

Pastor Don illustrates God's True Love from John 15. (9/10/2017)

"Under Attack"

Pastor Steve Nelson shares from Ephesians 6:10-19 on what a Christian should do when they are under attack. 9/3/2017

"Holy What?!" - 3

The third message about the work of the Holy Spirit by Pastor Don Patterson. 8/27/2017.

Holy What?! -2

The Second in a three part series on the Holy Spirit from John 16:5-15.

Holy What! - 1

First in a three part series on the Holy Spirit as outlined in John 16:5-15.