Counterfeits: How to Know the Authentic

Do you know what is truth? How do we find it? Listen to what Shelby Graber teaches us about it.

Every Weight

Part 3 from the Romans 12:1 series.

Cast Off

Pastor Don continues his series on Romans 12:1


Pastor Don brings part one of a message from Romans 12:1.


Perry Miller's 4th and final sermon in the Revitalize series is on Commitment.


The 3rd sermon in Perry Miller's series teaches us the power of confession and forgiveness.


Perry Miller speaks on God's love in the second sermon in his "Revitalize" series.


Perry Miller begins his series titled "Revitalize". 

Message from Jon Miiller

Do you want to just believe in the 'good' attributes of God? Listen to what Jon teaches on the attributes of God.

He is Greater than Me

Pastor Steve challenges us to put God at the front of everything we do.

Spiritual Warfare Basic - Importance of Love

Pastor Don brings a message on the role love plays in our lives.

Temple or Tabernacle

We welcome Matt Hamsher, Executive Director of Evana Network, as he shares with us from Acts 7:44-53.

God's Gracious Surprise

Pastor Don gives new incite to the familiar John 3:16 passage.

Day of Infamy?

Ken Hershberger brings a message of forgiveness and grace by way of the cross. (our apologies for not having the first part of the sermon - technical difficulties!)

Keeping Prayer Effective

Feeling like your prayers aren't going anywhere? Listen in as Pastor Don shares on bettering our prayer life

MYF Sharing of the Mission Trip

The MYF and their sponsors give us a glimpse into their week with Student Life Mission Camp.


Pastor Don challenges us to find in Whom we find our identity and get our integrity.

Snapshots of God's Great Commissions

Walk through the snapshots leading up to the great commission that was given to us by God.

Who's Leading Whom?

Pastor Don asks "Who is leading you?" In all the voices we hear in the course of a day, how do we decide who to listen to and who to follow?

Show Them Jesus

Pastor Steve preaches from I Timothy 2:3-6 on the importance of bringing Jesus to our children.